Customer Example

Grade Crossing Installation - Special Requirements
Goderich-Exeter Railway

 Baden, ON

Baden – GEXR Grade Crossing (Mile 72.39 Guelph Subdivision)

The Goderich-Exeter Railway (GEXR) runs through some of the fastest growing population centers in Ontario. The town of Baden, near the City of Kitchener, was putting in a new residential subdivision and needed an engineered crossing solution to meet special requirements including an irregular road configuration, heavy school bus traffic, and passenger trains speeds of up to 70 MPH. GEXR turned to Condor Signal & Communications Inc. (then known as A.M. Signal Systems Ltd.) to provide a high-end crossing solution. Highlights of the project scope were: 

  • Comprehensive design and layout plans for all proposed work.
  • Complete materials sourcing, testing and installation.
  • Elaborate traffic light preemption (45 seconds) prior to crossing warning device activation in order to facilitate the clearing of traffic from the adjacent road intersection.
  • Three bungalow configuration with two offset Grade Crossing Predictors (GCPs) in separate bungalows connected via vital radio (HD Link) to main bungalow with dual DAX. Design required preemption to trigger at 9000 feet from main bungalow at top track speed.