Hot Box Protection Systems


Ontario Northland (ON) is an Operational Enterprise of the Province of Ontario. ON's purpose is to ensure that Northern Ontario's transportation and telecommunications infrastructure is competitive, creating an attractive and modern region where businesses and communities can grown and prosper. As part of this mandate, ON must provide freight and passenger service operations across its 700 mile network.

Winter conditions include extreme cold and heavy snowfall. The ON operation and yard at Englehart is central to operations with extensive shipments of paper and lumber. 

  • Winter switch clearing high velocity cold air blowers at the entrances to the yard that keep switches clear of snow while reducing overall energy consumption. These cold air blowers replaced hot air switch clearing products that provided inconsistent clearing performance and were costly to operate.
  • Hot box detection (HBD) blower system to keep scanner apertures snow free and allow "signal maintenance staff to focus on higher value-added tasks than shoveling".