Customer Example

Grade Crossing Installations & Maintenance
Essex Terminal Railway

Windsor, ON

Huron Church Road – Site of Canada’s Largest Grade Crossing

Since 1988, Condor Signal & Communications Inc. (formerly A.M. Signal Systems Ltd.) has provided a range of turnkey grade crossing solutions to the Essex Terminal Railway (ETR) based in Windsor, Ontario. The ETR and the City of Windsor turned to Condor in order to dramatically decrease the time and cost associated with the installation of grade crossings previously undertaken by a Class 1 railway.

Highlights of the work and services performed on behalf of the ETR are as follows:


  • Full project responsibility from design engineering through to installation of 18 ETR grade crossings.
  • Design and installation of one of the most complex crossings Canada - the Huron Church site that includes 11 lanes of traffic coverage and dual DAX functionality to improve safety and performance of the street signals.
  • Full on-site, 7/24 maintenance of 30 ETR grade crossings since 1988.