Learn How VIA Rail Canada Used CONDOR’s Services

Alexandria Subdivision CTC Equipment
VIA Rail Canada

 Ottawa, ON to Montreal, QC


 In 1994 Advanced Railway Concepts Ltd. (now known as Condor Signal & Communications Inc.) was awarded the contract to supply the signal system for the extension of the Spadina subway line from Wilson Station to a new station at Downsview. Project requirements included:

  • Design, supply, installation and testing of all signal system components for the project.
  • Major modifications to Wilson Yard to change the first two tracks from non-vital yard tracks to main line operations.
  • Supply of a new terminal interlocking at Downsview.
  • Supply a redundant, non-vital computer based control system for the modified section, which included interface to the existing central control console at Hillcrest.
  • Design and supply of a new mosaic type Zone Control Panel at Downsview.